Garmin TT-15 Collar


All the functionality of Garmin’s beloved TT-10 collar with the added bonus of Astro 320 and Astro 430 tracking capabilities.  Does it get any better than this? Available in standard size and mini, for those needing less weight or more room on their dog’s neck.

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The TT-15 collar pairs with the Astro 320, the Astro 430, or the Alpha 100 handheld.  This collar comes with top-mounted GPS and GLONASS receiver, braided steel VHF antenna, replaceable red collar strap, 24-48 hour rechargeable Li-ion batteries, collar rescue mode during low battery, 10 m waterproof design, integrated light beacon (activated from the handheld), and 18 levels of continuous and momentary stimulation, along with audible tone.

The TT15 mini provides all the features as the TT15 in a smaller case (about the size of a shock collar).  It uses a 3/4″ strap, freeing up room on your dogs neck, and advertises a 4 mile range with a battery life of 16-30 hours.

**Shocking and light beacon activate only with the Alpha handheld. 



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