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Garmin T-5 Collars


What you’ve been waiting for- the power of an Alpha collar without the shock prongs.  The T-5 is an “upgrade” of the TT-10 collar.  When paired with an Alpha handheld, it has all the functions of the TT-10 EXCEPT for shocking.  It can also pair with the Astro 320 and the Astro 430, making it a must have for prong-sensitive dogs.  For those needing less weight or smaller straps, check out the T5 mini, perfect for shorter necked hounds and beagles.

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The Garmin T-5 collar works with the Astro 320, Astro 430 or the Alpha 100.  This collar comes with improved top-mounted GPS and GLONASS receiver/tracking, rechargeable/replaceable 20-40 hour Lithium-ion battery, sitting/pointing/moving/treeing indicator, 9 mile range, water-proof to 10 m, rescue mode, LED Beacon lights for low-light conditions, and a 4-digit Collar Lock to prevent others from tracking your dog.  When purchased as an add-a-collar, this collar comes with a blue strap.

The T5 mini provides all the features as the T5 in a smaller case (about the size of a shock collar).  It uses a 3/4″ strap, freeing up room on your dogs neck, and advertises a 4 mile range with a battery life of 16-30 hours.


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